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Journaling is a well established, proven tool for optimizing all your positive daily actions - effectively a 'secret sauce' for successful transitions.

In a world that is overpoweringly focused on 'input' - your Facebook feeds, your email inbox, your day to day work and social interactions, journaling is a place where you can focus on your own creative or developmental 'output' - what happened, and how you reacted. Ever better, it does so quietly, privately and independently, so you can use it whenever, wherever you are. It helps you to take a step back and identify what's important to you, where you want to see change, and where you can acknowledge the negative in your environment, interactions and responses, and explore changes that you want to make. 

We develop Guided Journals to support your wellbeing, growth and development throughout your global journey, whether this is your first, fifth or final move. We know that journaling is a critical skill for those of us living in transition, helping us to navigate continents, cultures, and challenges successfully. Whether you choose the original Finding Home Abroad book or our new interactive mobile version, the questions and insights will simplify and open up the journaling process for you, guiding you as you explore your experiences and helping you to find clarity and build confidence in the unfamiliar. For those who regularly journal, those who have never journaled before, or those who want to help others through their global transitions, we're looking forward to meeting with you and sharing the power of journaling.




How it Works


Let’s be honest: expat life can be tough. Although exciting, exhilarating and enriching, it can also be one of the greatest challenges you face. In this guided journal, you'll get the tools you need not just to survive, but to thrive, whether it's your first, fourth or final transition. Created by Trisha Carter, a Cross Cultural Psychologist, and Rachel Yates, Expat Consultant, this carefully crafted series of guided exercises will help you in find your feet, your tribe and ultimately, home.

You already know that journaling is a powerful tool for change, and an essential practice for your expat transition. The trouble is, where to start?

We've all been there. You know there is an easier way to navigate, but you wish someone would cut through the jargon and just tell you the What, When and How.

That's where our journals come in. Grounded in research, and tested through our own personal experiences and the hundreds of individuals and corporations we've worked with over the last 15 years, we provide you with a step by step roadmap for navigating your transition.  

Starting with a beautiful custom journaling toolkit, we follow up with a tailored series of prompts delivered to your inbox at a rate to suit you. The questions and insights encourage you to observe, (internally and externally), reflect, and embrace new perspectives, cross cultural skills and your personal experiences. They help you through the well-documented passages of highs and lows, anticipation, frustration, disillusionment, excitement, sense of accomplishment and moments of self doubt. The process of international relocation and transition is often described as a rollercoaster, and we help you stay positive, adapt successfully and cross cultures with clarity and confidence.




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If you already have one of our books, you'll find a wealth of resources to help you navigate your transition, from relocation checklists to tackling cross-cultural dilemmas. Find and enter the private URL (it's on page 149 of edition 1 and in the back of your journal for the new version) and join us in the member resource library! 




A Guided Journal for Adapting to Life Overseas.

Created out of our personal and professional struggles and successes, Finding Home Abroad: A Guided Journal for Adapting to Life Overseas was the first of our Expat Journals. The first edition received rave reviews, but we were asked to make a version that was more discreet, so that people could reach for their journal whenever, wherever.


The Online INTERactive:

Our second edition takes a unique approach to guided journaling, combining a beautiful, blank notebook with an email series and prompt cards. It lets you customize your path, so that you get the insight, guidance and help you need, just when you need it.


Global Coach:

INtroducing our FInding Home AbroaD Global Coach Toolkit

Discover how Expat Journals can help you support international transitions, with our range of client support resources. Finding Home Abroad uses guided journaling to encourage clients to improve their observations of the new world around them and become more aware of their responses.

To access your Global Coach Toolkit, login now. If you need a password reminder, check the bottom of your latest Expat Journals Newsletter.


What people Are Saying...




Rooted in research but written for practitioners, Finding Home Abroad will be a huge help to those who use it, as well as their families and organizations
— David A Livermore, thought leader in CQ and global leadership Best-selling author, Cultural Intelligence: Improving Your CQ to Engage Our Multicultural World and Leading With Cultural Intelligence: The New Secret to Success http://www.culturalq.com
This guided journal is a ‘must have’ for any prospective expat – an excellent reflection and development tool to put you firmly in control of the relocation process from the outset, providing a productive, proactive and creative framework to help develop your global mindset.
— Wendy Wilson, Executive coach and global mobility researcher
Finding Home Abroad encourages you to get to know your new location from the inside out, leaving assumptions behind. This guide is a gem - don’t leave home without it
— Apple Gidley, Author, Expat Life Slice by Slice www.applegidley.com
A must-have personal resource for first-time international assignees and their accompanying partners, a great complementary tool for any cross-cultural trainer or coach, and an invaluable resource for expats.
— Anne-Claude Lambelet Intercultural Competence & Career Development Coach www.aclambelet-consulting.com