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A Guided Journal for Adapting to Life Overseas.

Created out of our personal and professional struggles and successes, Finding Home Abroad: A Guided Journal for Adapting to Life Overseas was the first of our Expat Journals. The first edition received rave reviews, but we were asked to make a version that was more discreet, so that people could reach for their journal whenever, wherever.


The Online INTERactive FHA:

Our second edition takes a unique approach to guided journaling, combining a beautiful, blank notebook with an email series and prompt cards. It lets you customize your path, so that you get the insight, guidance and help you need, just when you need it. Make sure you have completed your account setup before logging in here (click on the Get Started link in the top Navigation menu) if this is your first time here!


Global Coach:

INtroducing our FInding Home AbroaD Global Coach Toolkit

Discover how Expat Journals can help you support international transitions, with our range of client support resources. Finding Home Abroad uses guided journaling to encourage clients to improve their observations of the new world around them and become more aware of their responses.

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