Wrap Your Children in a Rainbow

Moving globally may be a great career move for you, or an opportunity for your global adventure, but your child may be viewing the move from a less positive perspective.

Children’s concerns over leaving friends, loved ones or the home they have known are best acknowledged and supported. 

This weekend I was reminded of a great way to do that. 

At a workshop I was attending my attention was brought again to the resources of the wonderful Petrea King.  Petrea founded the Quest for Life Foundation, which provides practical skills and strategies for people to create peace and resilience in their lives.  I first heard her, about ten years ago, speaking about her book for children“You, Me and the Rainbow” 

I’ve worked with a number of families who have found that book, and the ritual of wrapping their children in a rainbow, a way to support their children and to help them feel connected to those they love even when they are far away.

The book is available on the website alongside a guide to the ritual, which can also be downloaded in a PDF format 

Give it a go if your child is feeling the sadness of loss, or the fear of impending loss of special people from their everyday lives.

Research shows a mixed picture for children who have moved often.  Some studies paint a bleak picture with negative impacts on wellbeing levels and poor mental health in adult life.  Other research paints a picture of children who become multi-lingual, well-educated adults, connected to and knowledgeable about the world outside their own location and often successful at high levels of entrepreneurial business and government.

The difference may lie, some researchers suggest, in the adaptability of the family and their willingness to actively focus on adjustment for each member of the family.

Give the rainbow ritual a try for your children and don’t forget if you are a member of www.cicollective.com you can access numerous e-books speaking to your children’s needs at different stages of the relocation cycle.